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Human Rights Monitoring

Human Rights Monitoring Human Rights Monitoring (HRM) unit is tasked with the responsibility to lead the evidence building process of BONELA, human rights violations monitoring and development of specific strategies to address all the HIV/AIDS human rights violations and policy reviews. Continuous research on HIV and AIDS and human rights and evidence collected from legal cases and media monitoring is utilized to inform advocacy for policy and legal reform. The evidence gathered provides the basis for advocacy, awareness raising and strategic litigation.

Legal aid
The legal aid branch of HRM is focused on the development of strategic litigation approach to addressing human rights violations and possible policy reviews. The legal aid branch handles walk-in cases and referrals of all HIV/AIDS related violations and in turn uses them as evidence to influence positive change. All the evidence gathered here is in most instances used to encourage legislative review/policy change.

Media monitoring
The media monitoring branch focuses on all HIV/AIDS related violations reported in the media. All violations are recorded and if need be, responses are drafted in conjunction with Awareness Raising Team or legal guidance is issued by HRM. The media monitoring also monitors the line of reporting for all media houses and media personnel on human rights violations. Once violations are indentified, remedy is planned and implemented

Policy review
This branch of HRM monitors all oppressive or unprogressive laws and policies. It collect evidence either through the legal aid branch, media monitoring branch or literature reviews and suggests progressive and inclusive laws.

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